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Residential developments on the horizon in northeast Round …

Residential developments on the horizon in northeast Round …

Two residential developments in northeast Round Rock are closer to breaking ground, following action by City Council on June 27.

Along University Boulevard, between CR 110 and SH 130, townhomes, apartments and over a thousand single family homes are in the works.

Pockets of commercial zoning within both developments were approved Thursday evening as well. Retail, offices, medical and related uses could be on the horizon for the intersections of University Boulevard at CR 110 and SH 130.

KB Home

A 1,200 single-family home development by KB Home is slated for 356 acres southeast of University Boulevard and CR 110.

Council’s action Thursday night annexed the property into the city limits and approved KB Home’s request for an in-city municipal utility district, or MUD.

The MUD, which has a bond limit of $48 million, will tax property owners in the subdivision to offset the cost of public infrastructure within the development.

At the northern end of the development, an 11-acre tract of land is now zoned for future commercial use.

Saul’s East

A second development underway in northeast Round Rock is known as Saul’s East. The 190 acre tract is split by University Boulevard—with the bulk of the land, 169 acres, to the north and the remaining 21 acres to the south.

Council’s action Thursday night annexed Saul’s East property into the city limits and approved new zoning.

The majority of the property—148 acres—is now zoned residential, with 96 acres for single family homes, 22 acres for duplexes, and 30 acres for multifamily housing. Thirty-five acres are zoned for commercial use, and the remaining 7 acres have been earmarked as rights of way for future roadway expansion.

Road work ahead

Action taken Thursday paves the way for more than new rooftops in the northeast. Roadways, which Round Rock Planning Director Brad Wiseman said are critical to expansion efforts in this part of the city, were annexed as well.

The city of Round Rock on June 27 annexed University Boulevard, also called Chandler Road at certain portions, to the intersection of SH 130.

With the annexation in place, the city will move forward with a planned expansion of the roadway. Crews will widen University Boulevard between A.W. Grimes and SH 130 to a four-lane, divided road with a median. September 2020 is the latest estimated start date, and construction is anticipated to last between a year and a year and a half, according to the presentation. Long-term, University Boulevard will be widened to a 6-lane road, according to Round Rock Transportation Director Garry Hudder.

Rights of way for future expansions of CR 110 and CR 107 were also secured through the development agreements Thursday night.

Williamson County is undertaking a CR 110 expansion project from CR 107 to Limmer Loop, which will widen the road to three lanes. Construction is expected to begin later this year and be complete by the end of spring 2020.


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