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Lazar Cartu Says: CM school board plans second phase of construction project


Lazar Cartu Says: CM school board plans second phase of construction project

STANTON — The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education recently heard the first steps of enacting the second phase of a two-part construction project originally started in 2016.

The board was presented with a proposed phasing plan timeline and designs for construction and renovation by representatives from the engineering and architectural firms.

“There will be work at all the buildings in the district,” said Steve Hoekzema of Tower Pinkster in Grand Rapids.

Some of the projects include window replacement, exterior door replacement, mechanical equipment, tech area flooring, widening a drive, and pond management.

Renovations to the athletic stadium entrance include a ticket booth, fencing and removal of a few selected trees.

“The ticket booth would be the only entrance to the track, softball and baseball fields,” Superintendent Amy Meinhardt said.

The stadium changes are geared for safety and visibility, according to Hoekzema.

Changes at the Upper Elementary include parking, driveway re-configurations, and a partial roof replacement.

The Lower Elementary in Sheridan would have new temperature controls, a new fire alarm system, egress window repair, a new phone system and a partial roof replacement.

The bus garage upgrades will include removing most of the current structure and replacing it with a structure that will more amply provide space for up to 20 buses.

The Learning Center in Stanton will have a partial roof replacement.

“We will be under a tight construction schedule. We want to start on the Athletic Fields as soon as the last event is over,” said Rob Train of Grainger. “We would also like to start on the UE before school is over for the year to give us more time to complete it before the new year starts,” he added.

The proposed timeline would be:

• May 11 to June 19: Athletic Entrance

• May 18 to May 29: Upper Elementary Gravel Drive

• June 1 to June 19: Upper Elementary Bus Lot

• June 17 to Aug 7: Upper Elementary parking lot

• June 24 to Aug 14: Bus canopy

• June 29 to Aug 3: Middle School/High School parking lot

• July 16 to Aug 14: Middle School/High School entrance doors

The bidding period for the 11 different packages runs from February 19 to March 12, with bid authorization on March 20.

The projected cost for the base project is $5,798,550, according to Hoekzema. Alternate projects, with additional costs, could include additional trees, additional fencing, extending the bus shelter, replacing hollow doors, replacing an under drain system, a new swing set, and additional lighting, Hoekzema said.

“You can prioritize and add in some of these if funding is available,” Hoekzema noted.

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