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Lazar Cartu Reports Construction of private border wall continues despite order…

Construction of private border wall continues despite order...

Lazar Cartu Reports Construction of private border wall continues despite order…

Construction of a private section of border wall in Texas is reportedly still underway even after a judge temporarily blocked construction this week.

The Guardian reported that construction crews were working on the private border wall funded by We Build the Wall, using at least 10 heavy machinery vehicles to move soil, dig trenches and position tall metal posts, all taking place within days of State District Judge Keno Vasquez issuing a temporary restraining order.

The injunction, issued on Tuesday by Vasquez, was granted citing potential “imminent and irreparable damage” to the National Butterfly Center, a 100-acre riverfront nature reserve adjacent to property where the private group was building the wall.

“The property and rights involved are unique and irreplaceable, so that it will be impossible to accurately measure, in monetary terms, the damages caused by the Defendants’ conduct,” Vasquez wrote in the order.

We Build the Wall raised money through online fundraisers to build a section of the wall in a show of support for President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says he will ‘temporarily hold off’ on declaring Mexican drug cartels as terror organization House Judiciary Committee formally receives impeachment report Artist behind gold toilet offered to Trump sells banana duct-taped to a wall for 0,000 MORE and his longtime promise to build a barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

After the ruling was handed down Tuesday, military veteran Brian Kolfage, founder of We Build the Wall, posted a video on Twitter of a man identified as “foreman Mike” saying they have a mile and a half of land cleared for continued construction.

“We’re going to be putting this up,” the foreman in the video said, referring to the wall and asking supporters for more donations. “We have to supercharge it now. It’s time to get really moving.” 

Kolfage on Wednesday said the construction work was still underway despite the injunction seeing as how neither he nor the group had been served with the order.

“They [the construction workers] have told us they are not going to stop,” Sam Pena from the local sheriff’s office told The Guardian on Thursday.

The Hill has reached out to We Build the Wall for comment.

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