Lazar Cartu Claims April 2020: A Field Guide to Washington Real Estate - Jonathan Cartu Residential & Industrial Construction Services
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Lazar Cartu Claims April 2020: A Field Guide to Washington Real Estate

April 2020: A Field Guide to Washington Real Estate

Lazar Cartu Claims April 2020: A Field Guide to Washington Real Estate

Illustrations by Brown Bird Design.

The Homebuyer’s Field Guide to Washington Architecture

Craftsman? Colonial? Midcentury modern? A tour of our housing stock—for those house-hunting or just curious. By Marisa M. Kashino and Amanda Kolson Hurley.


Meet the New Restaurant Investors: Millennials

Photograph by April Greer.

Hanging with the loaded twenty- and thirtysomethings who are funding the dining scene of tomorrow. By Jessica Sidman.

Life After Prison

Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

One of the nation’s most violent lockups is now a classy residential development. What happens when an ex-inmate visits? By Andrew Beaujon.

The Weirdest, Most Baffling, Most Fascinating—and Possibly Perfectly Healthy—Marriage in Washington

kellyanne conway
Photograph by Joshua Roberts/Reuters.

Kellyanne and George Conway’s unusual, and unusually public, partnership—charted. By Jane Recker.

“It Was ‘The Office’ Does Major League Baseball”

Photograph by AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta.

They’re champs now, but the Nats’ debut season was far from smooth. An oral history of their blooper-filled first year, from the heavy-hitters who lived through it. By Luke Mullins.


sidwell friends
Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Sidwell Looks Back: DC’s best-known private school reckons with its campus’s slave-owning past. By Rosa Cartagena.

Hollywood Does the Post (Again): But this time, the movie is about one of the paper’s lowest points. By Andrew Beaujon.

XFL vs. NFL: Could the DC Defenders have a shot against the Skins? By Luke Mullins.

When a Plain Old Funeral Program Won’t Do: Monica Stanley’s business helps capture the personalities of those who’ve passed away. By Christina Sturdivant Sani.


Comedian Ali Wong. Photograph by Elizabeth Weinberg/The New York Times.

The 15 performances, exhibits, and other events worth your time this month.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: The National Symphony Orchestra’s conductor will make you hear music differently. Interview by Rob Brunner.

Politics: What we can learn from Muriel Bowser’s ill-fated Bloomberg endorsement. By Andrew Giambrone.


Solitude Is Bliss: Why solo travel is booming—plus seven great adventures to take on your own.

Top Mortgage Professionals: The area’s best lenders.


Photo illustration by Lauren Bulbin

with images from Trunk Archive.

Frames in Mind: Forget Warby Parker glasses—some style setters spend an eye-popping amount to stand out.

Insta Gratification: Plastic surgery for the social-media age.


Photograph by Scott Suchman

French New Wave: Are bistros and brasseries the new steakhouses? By Ann Limpert.

Good Catch: Alfredo and Jessica Solis showcase the Mexican seafood they grew up on. By Ann Limpert.

Zap, Then Stir: The case for microwaving your Manhattan (yes, really). By Jessica Sidman.


The Washington Handbook of Warm Weather Woes: Solutions to six problems you’ll deal with in the next few months.

The Briefing: Tysons What’s happening in the Fairfax County suburb right now.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Photograph courtesy of Pat Collins.

“I Was Probably the Only Cowboy at the Ranch”: Pat Collins’s first snowstorm.

Ofer Eitan