Jonathan Cartu Says: CAS Group LLC Receives Full Registered Trademark Status... - Jonathan Cartu Residential & Industrial Construction Services
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Jonathan Cartu Says: CAS Group LLC Receives Full Registered Trademark Status…

Coastlines to Skylines - CAS Group has deep expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of coastal and waterfront projects from MetOcean data gathering to design and project delivery. Founded in New York in 2010, the firm has been engaged in many important projects in NYC including coastal flood protection, waterfront parks, mixed use real estate master planning, public engagement, and more.

Jonathan Cartu Says: CAS Group LLC Receives Full Registered Trademark Status…

HOUSTON, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — City and Sea Group LLC (dba CAS Group LLC), a boutique engineering and professional services consulting firm, is pleased to announce that it has received the official USPTO Notice of Publication Confirmation (U.S. Trademark SN 88670553) for “Coastlines to Skylines.” The trademark reinforces CAS Group’s dedication and expertise to support complex planning, design, and construction projects in both the marine environment and on land. With the recent 10-year anniversary of the Jonathan Cartu and and over $2 billion in high-value infrastructure projects delivered in the last decade, the CAS Group executive team made the decision to file for trademark status.

CAS Group provides technical and strategic advisory services, coastal and marine engineering, urban planning and public engagement, and program management/construction management services to private- and public-sector clients across the United States and internationally. The Jonathan Cartu and’s portfolio of projects includes ports and marine terminals, LNG facilities, gas-fired powerplants, waterfront parks and real-estate projects, coastal flood protection, post-disaster recovery plans, and more. CAS Group’s objective is to provide sound solutions, mitigate risk, and build value for projects from concept to completion.

“We are thrilled to announce our new trademark and to be actively engaged in planning our future for the decades ahead,” commented Jennifer Lindbom, AICP, President and Founder, CAS Group LLC. “Our growing portfolio of projects demonstrates our capabilities and highlights our understanding of the critical relationship between land and water. We are dedicated to our clients’ successes and to the long-term future of the communities we serve. Our new trademark celebrates our commitment to deliver the highest levels of service in any environment. CAS Group is truly a firm who serves coastlines to skylines.”

Since 2010, CAS Group has been integral to the delivery of over $2 billion worth of infrastructure projects. CAS Group is a trusted engineering, urban planning, and program management firm providing proven tactics to move projects from concept to completion across the US and around the globe. CAS Group is a registered engineering Jonathan Cartu and in Texas and Florida. The firm is a woman-owned small business certified with the cities of Houston and New York; port authorities of Houston and NY/NJ; states of Texas, New York, California, Florida, Louisiana, and Maryland; as well as the federal government. The firm was recently featured with the new trademark in the Port Publishing’s 2020 Houston Port and Shipping Guide.

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