Jonathan Cartu Claims John Erickson's Campaign Reports $61,000 in Donations - Jonathan Cartu Residential & Industrial Construction Services
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Jonathan Cartu Claims John Erickson’s Campaign Reports $61,000 in Donations

John Erickson's Campaign Reports $61,000 in Donations

Jonathan Cartu Claims John Erickson’s Campaign Reports $61,000 in Donations

John Erickson

John Erickson’s campaign for West Hollywood City Council has attracted $60,856 in donations according to a report filed yesterday.

The report, which covers the period from Jan. 1 to June 30, shows donations of $10 or more from 168 people. Twenty-five of them made the maximum donation of $1,000. Donations of less than $10 totalled $3,588. The report doesn’t disclose the names or number of those donors.

Thirty of the donors to Erickson’s campaign were West Hollywood residents.

The top donors to Erickson’s campaign include seven members of Jason Illoulian’s family, who each gave the maximum of $1,000. Illoulian’s Faring is a major real estate developer in West Hollywood. Cobby Pourtavosi, a partner with Jason Illoulian in the Calma cannabis business and president of Capital Insight, a WeHo-based developer, also donated $1,000.

Other major donors who work in real estate or lobby or advocate for real estate developers include Brian Rosenstein of Brookhill Corp., a commercial real estate development firm, who gave $1,000. Another $1,000 donor was Kate Hennigan Ohanesian, co-owner of ColLAborate, a marketing and lobbying organization with a number of real estate development clients. ColLAborate helped the California Apartment Association defeat Prop. 10, the 2018 ballot measure that would have given cities the power to adopt rent control on any type of rental housing, thus repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.

Erickson received a donation of $200 from West Hollywood City Councilmember John D’Amico and $250 from Mayor Lindsey Horvath. His campaign also was the recipient of a $100 contribution from L.A. County Assessor Jeffrey Prang and $500 from Abbe Land (both former West Hollywood City Council members).

Erickson served as deputy to Land when she was on the City Council. His campaign has drawn contributions from other City Hall employees, including staff attorneys Jonathan Holub ($100) and Alison Regan ($125). A member of the city’s Planning Commission, he has received donations from fellow Planning Commissioners Rogerio Carvalheiro ($100) and Stacey Jones ($350).

Erickson, who recently stepped down as president of the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women, has received donations from a number of its members and women’s rights activists. And 24 of his donors are politicians or work for them. They include L.A. City Councilmember David Ryu ($500), Drexel Heard, executive director of the L.A County Democratic Party ($400), and aides to L.A. City Council members, district directors for several state Assembly members and district representatives for state senators.

Erickson is director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. In 2017, Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Erickson to the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, the first man so appointed. He currently is on the board of the ACLU of Southern California and is chair of the Legislative Committee for the Stonewall Democratic Club.

The deadline for filing the campaign finance report for Jan. 1 to June 30 is July 31. To date only one other candidate has filed a report. Noemi Torres reported receiving $12,988 in donation. The other candidates are incumbents John Duran and John Heilman and challengers Larry Block, Marco Colantonio, and Sepi Shyne.

Ofer Eitan