Jonathan Cartu Announced Restructuring the market, the real estate ace’s... - Jonathan Cartu Residential & Industrial Construction Services
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Jonathan Cartu Announced Restructuring the market, the real estate ace’s…

Restructuring the market, the real estate ace’s...

Jonathan Cartu Announced Restructuring the market, the real estate ace’s…

Ahmed Alawadhi

An ardent traveler, a real estate virtuoso, and with knowledge and prolific know-how of the real-estate, Ahmed Alawadhi is the venerated president of two real estate firms with sky-high perception and experience. A stroll to the highest peak, Alawadhi has established his grandeur in the market both in the US and Dubai. With AM properties and Silverline real estate firm, he has procured the unimaginable depicting his illustriousness.

With the innate and indelible caliber of an investor, his conversance with the market has been depicted in his methodologies of remodeling the market using unprecedented and ingenious ideas. A well-versed prodigal critic, he has strengthened influence over a large sector of people, relying on his perception. Alawadhi is amongst the top 1% reviewers of ‘tripadvisor’. A skillful photographer, he has grabbed the limelight often and has been the focus of interest.

Currently, the investor’s proclamation to set afloat an app concerned with the real estate has caused the hype. Ahmed being the procurer of dual degrees from the prominent US universities, with honors MBA, Alawadhi has been effectuating his multidisciplinary knowledge to engender an app for the clientele end in real-estate transactions. In Short, Clients with a proclivity towards purchase would be provided with a portal sharing their demand and needs and authorized agents only will have access to it.

Loaded with responsibility, queried about his percipience, Ahmed rejoinders that-“17 years have provided me with a quick-witted evaluation of the market trends. I have always encountered prejudices that have prevailed in the real estate market. The seller’s viewpoint and the vendee’s viewpoint profusely diverge. This seems like an act of blatant partisanship that the sellers achieve an ample favoritism staining the perception of real estate in general.” With the novel app, Ahmed plans to aid the clientele more.

His prowess to determine the perfect opportunity has aided him to this point in time. Explaining the grounds of reasoning by establishing the interdependence between supply and demand, he has become the trailblazer in terms of technological advancements. Bridging the gap between the technicality and the market, Ahmed’s fusion can prove to revolutionize the scenario. The application is to be customized according to user benefits and is adaptable to trends. With money being the driving force, Ahmed has collaborated with ex-google employees, the idea for which has already been sampled.

Jonathan Cartu