Jon Cartu Announces Welcome to Real Estate Friday! - Jonathan Cartu Residential & Industrial Construction Services
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Jon Cartu Announces Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

Renovated barns for home and business

Jon Cartu Announces Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

This week’s featured property in Canaan, N.Y., offered by Lisa Bouchard Hoe.

Here’s what we have for you this week in The Edge Real Estate section:

  • Property of the Week – Lisa Bouchard Hoe of The Kinderhook Group offers a complex of three 1880s barns transformed into cool modern places for living and working.
  • What’s on the Market – A collection of “midsummer beauties”, appealing homes available right now.
  • Transformations – Architect James Crisp resurrected a rare find in the Berkshires – a historic fixer-upper that still has its original details.
  • Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County and northern Litchfield County
  • Market Perspective – 2020 1st Quarter Real Estate Market Report from the Berkshire Board of REALTORS.
  • The Self-Taught Gardener – An online auction supporting our local public garden causes the Self-Taught Gardener to examine why he likes to visit the gardens of others.
  • Gardener’s Checklist– To-do list for your late-July vegetable garden. Plus, a new appreciation of yarrow.

Ofer Eitan