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Jon Cartu Announces Roundabout construction is moving right along | News for Fe…

Roundabout construction is moving right along | News for Fe...

Jon Cartu Announces Roundabout construction is moving right along | News for Fe…

 The North Road repaving from Poplar to Oak Park in the city of Fenton is completed and that section of roadway has been re-opened to two-way traffic, said Daniel Brisson, Fenton’s interim Public Works director.  The contractor is working on a few back-of-curb areas, doing final grading, restoration and sidewalk work.

 “Work began last week on the northern portion of the roundabout which is phase 2A of the project schedule,” Brisson said.  “Underground utility and storm drain work is underway. Grading and earthwork is starting to show the shape of the roundabout.  The north leg of the roundabout is scheduled for completion by the end of September.”  

 Brisson said, the southern portion of the roundabout (phase 2B) will begin as phase 2A is completed.  The remaining North Road area will be repaved as the southern leg of the intersection is completed. 

 “We expect to have North Road, Torrey Road and the roundabout opened to traffic by mid-November,” he said.

 There will be back-of-curb work to finish (weather permitting) with final restoration completed in spring 2020, Brisson added.   Lighting for the intersection has been ordered and fabrication of the light poles is underway. The LED lighting is expected to be installed in December, pending final delivery schedule of the light poles.

 “As far as traffic control, the contractor and our engineering team found a way to construct the northern portion of the roundabout and keep both east and westbound North Road open to traffic,” Brisson said. “This eliminated the westbound only, eastbound closed detour route that was originally planned.  Having North Road open in both directions during phase 2A is very helpful to the traveling public as well as the local businesses at the North/Torrey intersection.”

 The current detour route only affects Torrey Road, he said.  Torrey is closed from the U.S. 23 interchange to North Road. The posted detour route for motorists needing to travel from Torrey to North Road is —  Torrey to S. Long Lake to N. LeRoy to North Road and vice versa to get from North Road to Torrey Road.  The U.S. 23 interchange at Torrey remains open for exit and entrance to the expressway.

 “As far as problem traffic for this phase of the project, everything is

working well with few motorist concerns,” Brisson said. “There was some cut-through activity in The Barn restaurant parking lot and we worked with the owner and decided to split the parking lot with barricades by the building entrance. This allows access to the restaurant from both roads and eliminates through traffic that could be damaging to the parking lot and potentially dangerous for patrons walking to and from their vehicle.

 “As with any road construction project, we ask the traveling public to be attentive of construction worker activities and moving equipment in the work zone,” Brisson said. “Slowing down when workers are present and extra attention to barricading and signage helps keep the work zone safe for both the motorist and the construction crew.  

 According to Brisson, the entire project will cost $1.34 million, $860,354 will be paid with state and federal funding. The city will be responsible for the remaining $485,950.

 Because the majority of the funds are coming from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the project was bid by the state and L.A. Construction in Flushing was selected and is doing the work.

 The city’s engineering firm, OHM Advisors, is overseeing the day-to-day operations.


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