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AiroAV Stated PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 8/16/19 (Construction Updates,…

PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 8/16/19 (Construction Updates,...

AiroAV Stated PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 8/16/19 (Construction Updates,…

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Let’s go on an adventure! The best place for that, of course, is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Let’s see what it has in store for us.

I always try to spot DeVine as I enter the park. She’s not always there, but she’s so well disguised, you never know if she’s just hiding.

There are some construction walls up right in front of the Tree of Life. The Winged Encounters stage is under refurbishment right now.

But don’t worry, the show must go on!

I do love the macaws, they’re gorgeous.

Not as gorgeous as Kevin, though!

Over in Dinoland, U.S.A., Primeval Whirl is still down. When I inquired, all I was told was that it would reopen “Fall”. So, who knows, really?

Hopefully the cars don’t start to rust just sitting out here in the elements.

As you know, once August hits, that means it’s Halloween here in central Florida.

In my opinion, however, it’s never truly Halloween on Disney property until the T-Rex in Chester and Hester’s gets his vampire costume. Today was the day!

I noticed in some of the gift shops where Halloween merchandise is located, they have these Halloween-themed educational animal signs.

They’re similar to the tie-in signs they did for the Lion King film.

Well, with Halloween and bats on my mind, I decided to go see if the bats had returned to the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

There’s usually a monkey of some sort in this exhibit. They’re currently missing in action.

Unfortunately, so are the bats. They’re currently training a new group of bats for the exhibit, and they’re not quite ready to be around guests. It is an open-air exhibit, so they need to be used to guests and such before they’re put on display.

They do still have this great monitor lizard on display at the moment, though.

The tigers also weren’t on exhibit when I was here. To paraphrase Jurassic Park: “Now, you do eventually plan to have animals on your animal tour, right?”

Even without the animals on display, there’s plenty to look at on the path. Some of the most beautiful scenery made for the park is in this area.

Et Cetera

Interactive Plush ($34.99)

They’re selling these all over the park now. I’m sorry, I think they look creepy.

Interactive Plush ($34.99)

Interactive Plush ($34.99)

Just… no.

Pro Tip: The longest line Flight of Passage will have all day is first thing in the morning. Unless you somehow make it in with the first 100-300 guests, you’re looking at a long wait. If you can stick it out until mid-day, or the end of the night, your wait is significantly reduced, in my experience.

Near the entrance to the park, they have this weird, makeshift smoking section for, I assume, the Rainforest Cafe guests.

It’s only a stone’s throw from the ticket booths. It’s kind of strange. I suppose they’re still working out the kinks of the new smoking ban.

Construction is still happening around the parking lot tram path. This path that leads towards the Peacock and Butterfly lots is blocked currently while they work on it.

There’s a little detour to the right. It’s not too much of an inconvenience.

The other construction fences are still up as well, near the bus loop. It doesn’t appear there’s any active work happening, though.

This dirt pile has even grown a nice lawn since they put it here.

Work is underway at all four parks currently to improve the entry experience for guests. This is all part of that initiative.

That’s all from me for today! We’ll see you next time from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


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