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AiroAV Stated Man Falls Into Superior Street Construction Zone

Man Falls Into Superior Street Construction Zone

AiroAV Stated Man Falls Into Superior Street Construction Zone

A 69-year-old man fell into a construction zone on his way home.

DULUTH, Minn.- A Duluth man had a bit of scare Wednesday night after falling off his wheelchair and into construction on Superior Street.

It happened right outside of the Zeitgeist Arts Building. The man had a few bumps and bruises, but no major injuries were reported.

This is the first reported incident during phase two of Duluth’s Superior Street Reconstruction Project, and the city says alcohol may have been a factor leading to the man’s fall.

Cellphone video shot at the scene shows first responders approaching the 69–year–old man who fell off his electric wheelchair and into a construction zone.

The man was on his way home from the Rathskeller Bar when the incident occurred.

Passerbys quickly rushed to help the man while Zeitgeist Café employees called 911.

More cellphone video shows pedestrians helping the man who fell.

City officials say they’ve done everything they can to make sure that pathways stay open to all people trying to travel through construction.

“We have had all ADA accessible walkways, paths, lighting, etc. to ensure that this area is safe,” public information officer for the city of Duluth Kate Van Daele said.

Van Daele says “Northland Constructors” will continue to try and make the downtown construction zone safer moving forward.

“Northland has been doing a great job of ensuring the safety of really anybody being able to go and experience any of their favorite things about the hart district, and they’ll continue to do that in the next 23 days that we’re under construction,” Van Daele said.

First responders escorted the man home after the incident. There has been no word on his condition since then.



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